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New Haven County, Connecticut
Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer

OurNew Haven County, Connecticut with speeding and traffic ticket lawyers can represent you anywhere in New Haven County, CT where you have been charged with speeding, MV Law 14-219 or traveling unreasonably fast, MV Law 14-218a. Often times a New Haven speeding charge results in a reckless driving charge, CTZ MV L. 222, under the per se law for speeding 86 MPH or move over the limit. Whether it is speeding reckless driving, ourNew Haventraffic court defense lawyers and attorneys will represent you in all 5 New Haven traffic courts.

The 5 New Haven County traffic courts are:

Geographical Area GA 4: Waterbury Superior Court

Geographical Area GA 5: Derby Superior Court

Geographical Area GA 7: Meriden Superior Court

Geographical Area GA 22: Milford Superior Court

Geographical Area GA 23: New Haven Superior Court

Each court has its own customs and nuances that our CT speeding ticket lawyers are adept at to get you as our client the best result possible. 

Why fight a CT speeding ticket

Simple. To avoid insurance increases, license suspensions, and in the case of reckless driving to protect you from accruing a permanent criminal record. Traffic tickets are serious business. If mishandled you can accrue large fines, huge insurance increases, and also trigger mandatory license suspensions from the CT DMV. Our lawyers not only avoid that for you, but also go to court for you so that you do not have to take off time from school or work.

Did you know that in Connecticut and New Haven County you could also be charged with speeding for traveling unreasonably slow under CT MV Law 14-220. The statute prohibits drivingunder 40 MPH on any limited access divided highway (such as the Merritt Parkway or Interstate 91), or operating as such a low speed anywhere that it blocks orimpedes normal traffic movement. Such a charge is akin to a speeding ticket for insurance and DMV suspension purposes and mist be fought.

Regardless of where your New Haven County, CT speeding ticket alleging violation of MV L. 14-219 was written, our New Haven County speeding and traffic court defense lawyer can represent you. In addition, our lawyers will get your personal court appearance waived so that you never have to go to court.

Do not mail your New Haven County, CT speeding ticket to the court with a plea of guilty

While the State of Connecticut promises “no points,” if you mail your ticket in with a plea of guilty, your insurance company is not promising the same thing. Your insurance company utilizes a “Merit System,” and does not follow the DMV point system. Your insurance company does not care what the DMV does or even if you were convicted in or out of the State of Connecticut. All you insurance company cares about to trigger an insurance increase is that you plead guilty to a moving violation.

Moreover, for the most part the CT DMV does not consider points. They consider convictions within a period of time. So pleading guilty as charged can still trigger re-training requirements, suspensions, and revocations. Our New Haven County, Connecticut traffic court defense attorneys and lawyers avoid this by executing on a plea bargain. We resolve your case by pleading you guilty to a non-moving or lesser moving violation. While you still pay a fine, a lesser conviction avoids the insurance increases and suspensions often associated with mailing the ticket in with a plea of guilty.  If we cannot do that, then we take your case to trial and go for a full dismissal.


For more information on what we can do to prevent your insurance from increasing, prevent license suspensions, and prevent you from being convicted of a moving violation, give us a call today toll free at 1-877-99-No-Tix (1-877-996-6849).


Attack That Ticket Connecticut
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CALL: 1-877-99-NoTix  (1-877-996-6849)     Email:

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