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Union County, New Jersey Traffic Court Lawyer


If you received a speeding or traffic ticket anywhere in Union County, New Jersey, our New Jersey traffic court lawyers stand ready to represent you and preserve your insurance rates and driving record. Two main interstates run through Union County, NJ, Interstate 95 and Interstate 78. Thousands of speeding tickets, NJSA § 39:4-98, are written on those roadways alone.

Depending on where in Union County, NJ you receive your speeding ticket or traffic ticket for a different moving violation, your case will be heard on one of the numerous local municipal courts in Union County, New Jersey. Our Union County traffic ticket defense lawyers appear in all traffic and municipal courts of Union County, New Jersey. Below is the list of the 21 Municipal Courts that our Union County Municipal Court traffic court lawyers appear in:

Berkeley Heights Municipal Court

Clark Municipal Court

Cranford Municipal Court

Elizabeth Municipal Court

Fanwood Municipal Court

Garwood Municipal Court

Hillside Municipal Court

Kenilworth Municipal Court

Linden Municipal Court

Mountainside Municipal Court

New Providence Municipal Court

Plainfield Municipal Court

Rahway Municipal Court

Roselle Municipal Court

Roselle Park Municipal Court

Scotch Plains Municipal Court

Springfield Municipal Court

Summit Municipal Court

Union Twp Municipal Court

Westfield Municipal Court

Winfield Municipal Court

New Jersey traffic and speeding ticket legal defense varies from court to court due to different prosecutors, judges, and procedures. This is why it is so important to put our experienced Union County, NJ traffic court lawyers on your side. For a low flat fee, we can perfect disclosure to properly defend your ticket, advise you on what mitigating evidence to bring to court, and present the best possible position to the prosecutor to defend your Union County, NJ speeding ticket or moving violation. In the event we cannot get your Union County speeding ticket dismissed or reduced by agreement with the local Union County, NJ Municipal Court prosecutor, then our Union County, New Jersey traffic court defense lawyers are fully prepared to take your case to trial.

In addition, our Union County, NJ traffic court defense lawyers make hiring us convenient and easy. We have a toll free number you can call: 1-877-99-NO-TIX. You deal with us exclusively through e-mail and the phone so there is no need for you to take time out of your hectic schedule to come to our office. But best of all, our Union County, New Jersey speeding ticket defense lawyers get your appearance waived from court, so you never have to step foot in court to deal with this matter.

Why hire our Union County, NJ traffic court lawyers instead of paying the fine

Many people ask whether it is better to just pay the fine. Our response is that in some cases it is, but in most it is better to retain our Union County traffic court lawyers to defend the ticket. Defending a Union County, New Jersey speeding ticket is not about defeating the fine. It is about preventing an insurance increase, additional fines from the NJ RMV called “assessments,” and preventing a license suspension. While the scenarios for why you should fight and defend your Union County traffic ticket, the overarching theme is that even 1 moving violation conviction can cause an insurance increase of thousands of dollars a year for a 3 year period.

If you received a speeding or traffic ticket in Union, New Jersey before checking off “guilty” and mailing it in give our Union County traffic court lawyers a call. We will consult you about your particular situation and consult you for no cost why you should fight the Union County speeding ticket. We will explain to you the cost of our service and the value of our service and the likely insurance and time savings you will benefit from by hiring our Union County, NJ traffic court lawyers, so that you can decide for yourself if retaining our office is worth it.

Attack That Ticket New Jersey

CALL: 1-877-99-NoTix  (1-877-996-6849)     Email: NJinfo@attackthatticket.com

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