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Harrison, NY traffic ticket

Harrison, NY is a dual Town and Village. It has a very professional police department of 59 sworn officers who take public safety seriously. Consequently, they strictly enforce the vehicle and traffic laws within their borders.

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In addition, the Hutchinson River Parkway and Interstate 95 (I-95), also known as the New England Thruway runs through the Town of Harrison New York, as does the Cross Westchester Expressway (I-287). If you are pulled over on those highways you will be issued a speeding ticket, VTL 1180, not by the Village of Harrison, NY police but by either the New York State Police or the Westchester County Police. SUNY Purchase also has its own police department, the State University of New York Public Safety Officers, who will issue you a speeding ticket or stop sign infraction if you are pulled over on the SUNY Purchase campus.

Village of Harrison

However, the Harrison Police do patrol Westchester Avenue and Purchase Street, roadways in and around Interstate 287. They also routinely do speeding enforcement on Mamaroneck Avenue, North Street, and Halstead Avenue in the Town of Harrison.

A dangerous intersection in Harrison New York is that of West Street, Union Avenue, and Windfield Avenue. The intersection is very wide and controlled only by all way stop signs. Many people find themselves running one of the stop signs and are issued a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign, NY VTL 1172. Officers of the Harrison Police Department also routinely issue tickets for disobeying a red light, New York VTL 1111, running past a stopped school bus, VTL 1174, turn signal violation, VTL 1163, unsafe lane change, NY VTL 1128, New York’s cell phone and texting prohibition, New York VTL 1225-c and NY VTL 1225-d, or failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, known as the “move over” law, VTL 1144-A.

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The Harrison  Police, in conjunction with the Westchester, New York County Police and the NYSP also strictly enforce New York’s laws prohibiting driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving under the influence (DUI), and driving while ability impaired (DWAI), New York VTL 1192.1, NY VTL 1192.2, & NY VTL 1193.3. If stopped and your blood alcohol level is .18 or more, the Harrison Police will charge you with aggravated DWI, NY VTL 1192 (2-a).

Other serious criminal vehicle and traffic laws that the Harrison Police enforce are aggravated unlicensed operation, VTL 511, and reckless driving, VTL 1212. Although not a crime, being convicted of driving without insurance, VTL 319, will cause a 1 year license revocation.

If you are charged with either an infraction or vehicle misdemeanor, you will find yourself before the Harrison Justice Court located at 1 Heineman Place, Harrison, NY 10528 before either Justice Marc J. Lust or Justice Ronald B. Bianchi. However, when you retain the professional services of the attorneys at AttackThatTicket.Com, New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer, you will never have to go to court to or come to our office we will represent you before the court. We will either negotiate a plea that makes sense to keep your insurance down or take your case to trial. We are so confident of our ability to successfully defend your ticket that we are the only attorneys in the State of New York that give a money back guarantee to reduce or eliminate the points.



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