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NYC Court Attorneys

Staten Island Speeding and Traffic Ticket Defense Law Firm


Speeding and Traffic Ticket Defense in Staten Island, NY


Staten Island Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB)

West Shore Plaza

1775 South Avenue

Suite 2

Staten Island, NY 10314


Our Staten Islandspeeding ticket attorneys and lawyers at Palumbo & Associate, PC advocate for you when facing speeding and other traffic ticket charges and infractions in the Staten Island County DMV TVB.


The Staten Island County Traffic Court is located in New York City, Staten Island County. The Staten Island Traffic Court is a specialized court, handling only traffic infraction cases such as speeding, NY VTL 1180, cell phone violations, NY VTL 1225, prohibited turn, NY VTL 1163, uninsured, NY VTL 319, and driving without a license, NY VTL 509.


The Staten Island Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Court


The Staten Island traffic court is a specialized court. The court only handles traffic violations. It does not handle traffic crimes such as driving on a suspended license (NY VTL 511). The court is an administrative tribunal. This means that the authority of the court is by virtue of the fact that you either have driver’s license from this state or another state or, if you are not licensed that you were accused of driving a vehicle on a public roadway.


The judges of the court are Administrative Law Judges employed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. There are special challenges in defending a ticket in the Staten Island Traffic Court. The biggest challenge is that the court does not allow plea bargains, which means that every case goes to trial in the Staten Island TVB Traffic Court.


In other words, unless you fight the ticket in the Staten Island Traffic

Court you are found guilty as charged 100% of the time!


How We Defend Your Staten Island Speeding Ticket or Moving Violation


Despite the fact that every case in the Staten Island goes to trial, our Staten Island Traffic Infraction Defense Lawyers have a tried and true template of operation for the Staten Island Traffic Court to ensure that your insurance does not increase. First off, many of our clients end up with acquittals (i.e., the ticket is dismissed). For those clients who are found guilty, we still prevent an insurance increase through the method in which we defend the case, which isdelay, delay, delay….


What we do is adjourn the trial as long as we possibly can. By the time we take the case to trial (usually about 1 year after the date the ticket was written) we have already gotten you past substantial part, or all of, the period that your insurance could have been increased.


This is because points hit your license if you are convicted and on the conviction date. However, the look back period for potential insurance increases points is based on the offense date. This means that if you are convicted 15 months after the ticket was written, you will only be carrying the points for another 3 months for the DMV lookback, as opposed to if you mail it in with a guilty plea you are carrying the points for the full 18 months.


In addition, we are experts of the Staten IslandNYC Traffic Violation Bureau. We know the temperament of each judge and whom to try to pitch around depending on the charges. We also know how and when to not answer a calendar call and get a new court date. Often times the charges are so egregious that it is best to plead our client guilty to save his license. We know when to do this as well. We also get your personal court appearance waived so that you do not lose time for work or school!


The Staten Island Highway Patrol


The NYPD Highway police are consummate professionals and take their job very seriously. If you have been stopped in the Staten Island by the NYPD Highway Patrol and given a speeding ticket, you should not go it alone. The Staten Island Highway Patrol have the training and experience to fully prosecute your case in court. Likewise, you need a professional on your side to defend the case. Remember, it is their burden to prove, not yours do disprove. Things such as weather conditions, equipment malfunctions, and inconsistencies in testimony can all lead to an acquittal. Don’t go up against the Highway Patrol alone. Call our office for a free phone consultation.

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