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This is the section for New Jersey
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If you have received a speeding ticket, traffic ticket, marijuana possession summons, disorderly conduct ticket, or have been charged with a ticketable violation or offense in the State of New Jersey you have come to the right place. We take care of your violation for you so you do not have to.What differentiates us from other New Jersey lawyers is that we don’t dabble in NJ speeding tickets, DWI, and other seemingly minor offenses. We do not hold ourselves out as felony criminal defense lawyers or civil rights activists. We do not take a speeding ticket case “here and there.” Rather, it is our core business is to defend motorists charged anywhere in the State of New Jersey charged with a traffic violation, speeding, or DWI. This is what we do. And we take it seriously. Very seriously. Our goal is to (1) keep you out of court; (2) prevent an insurance increase; (3) prevent excessive fines and surcharges; and (4) keep you on the road.

AttackThatTicket.com was founded by former police officer and New York attorney Michael Palumbo. While practicing in New York, he devised a method to enable his office to represent people written a speeding ticket anywhere in the State of New York. One day when driving through Cranford, NJ on the Garden State Parkway going to Atlantic City, attorney Palumbo observed a State Police traffic enforcement detail and realized that the motorist and citizens of New Jersey could benefit from the same universal method of advocacy that he employs in New York. It was a zeal to level the playing field that lead attorney Palumbo to seek out a qualified New Jersey attorney to assist and represent motorists charged with speeding, DWI, and other moving violations in New Jersey.From her Roselle Park, NJ headquarters located in Union County, New Jersey, Mechelle Buksar, Esq., brings the same level of passion and advocacy to motorists and citizens of New Jersey that attorney Palumbo brings to New York motorists. Attorney Buksar and her team fan out across the State of New Jersey to represent and defend motorists charged with Speeding tickets, traffic tickets driving while intoxicated, and other ticketable offenses and violations such as marijuana possession, disorderly conduct, trespassing, harassment, minor in possession of alcohol, and similar offenses. We defend college students when charged by college campus police at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Princeton University, Rutgers University Montclair State University, or any other college in New Jersey charged with such violations as NJ Criminal Code § 2C:33-15, Possession / Consumption of Alcoholic by minor; NJ Criminal Code § 2C:33-17, making of alcoholic beverages available to a minor; NJ Statute § 2C:33-2, Disorderly Conduct; 2C:35-10a, Possession of Marijuana; § 39:4-98, speeding, and all other motor vehicle charges. Whether you are being prosecuted in the Roselle Park Municipal Court on 110 East Westfield Avenue in Union County just minutes from our New Jersey headquarters, or in the Woodbridge Municipal Court at 1 Main St, Woodbridge in Middlesex County a short distance from our satellite location, or across the state in the West Deptford Court, Logan Municipal Court, or the Swedesboro Municipal Court in New Jersey’s Gloucester County, AttackThatTicket New Jersey will represent you.

Our Hassle Free Pledge

No matter where our attorneys represent you to defend you against a NJ speeding ticket, we give you the following hassle free pledge: We will never insist that you come to our office and will see to it that your appearance for court is waived as well. We will transact our business with you through phone, e-mail and fax at times convenient to you. We will always do everything we can for you so that you do not take time out of your busy schedule for this ticket.

  In addition to defending you against NJ speeding tickets and violations, our Union County, NJ traffic court lawyers offer services ranging from defending you against the charge of driving in New Jersey when your license is suspended, driving in NJ without auto insurance or during a period of insurance lapse, N.J. § 39:6B-2. Our Middlesex County traffic court attorneys will represent you across the state against charges ranging from reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and hit and run in a personal injury accident case. We can also represent you before the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission to assist you in reinstating suspended or revoked driving privileges. If you received a New Jersey speeding ticket or a ticket of any kind from NJ police, call us today. We offer convenient no cost, no obligation phone consultations. We are happy to service your needs.


Attack That Ticket New Jersey

CALL: 1-877-99-NoTix  (1-877-996-6849)     Email: NJinfo@attackthatticket.com

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Attack That Ticket for speeding ticket lawyers in NJ,  as well as Rhode Island traffic ticket attorneys. As Rhode Island Traffic Court Lawyers they also handle DUI DWI. How to fight a RI speeding ticketHow to defend a DWI in Rhode IslandDUI defense Rhode Island. Do you have a suspended license in Rhode IslandAggravated Unlicensed Operation. How to defend a drunk driving charge in RI, Traffic Lawyers. We are also criminal defense lawyers.

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