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Cincinnati, Ohio Motor Vehicle Crime Defense Lawyers


In plain English, the State of Ohio is very harsh on motor vehicle violations. Ohio has criminalized many violations that in other states are simple non-criminal infractions. Violations such as driving while texting (§ 4511.204); speeding on bridges (§ 4511.23); littering (§ 4511.82); failure to stop at a property damage accident (§ 4549.03); and failure to yield to a pedestrian (§ 4511.46); which are non-criminal violations / infractions in other states are criminalized as misdemeanor traffic violations in Ohio.

A conviction for a motor vehicle crime has broad reaching implications. Such a conviction creates for you a permanent criminal history. Many of the convictions carry mandatory license suspensions and they all carry discretionary suspensions. They also all cause a major insurance increase.

The goal of our Butler County, Ohio traffic court attorneys and lawyers is to negotiate a plea to a non-criminal violation to prevent a suspension, criminal record, and insurance increase. In addition, if there has to be a license suspension as a condition of a plea our Cincinnati, Ohio traffic court lawyers can often obtain for you conditional, restricted driving privileges to at a minimum get to school and/or work.


Our Hamilton County, Ohio motor vehicle criminal defense attorneys stand ready to represent and defend you against your Cincinnati area automobile charges. Our Ohio defense lawyers can represent you if you were arrested on Interstate 75 driving from Cincinnati, Ohio to Dayton, Ohio. Our lawyers represent motorists who were arrested driving from Butler County, Ohio to Brown County, Ohio whether you were arrested in either county, the city of Cincinnati, or Clermont County, Ohio. We also represent those arrested in I-71 driving through Warren County, Ohio.

Schedule of Ohio Motor Vehicle Crimes

Below is a schedule of the most common Ohio motor vehicle crimes that our office defends. This is not exhaustive. Our Ohio traffic court lawyers and attorneys defend against all motor vehicle crimes.

§ 2921.331:     Failure to comply with order or signal of police officer

§ 2927.023:     Unlawful transportation of tobacco products

§ 2903.06:       Aggravated vehicular homicide - vehicular homicide - vehicular manslaughter

§ 2903.08:       Aggravated vehicular assault; vehicular assault

§ 2903.09:       Aggravated vehicular assault - vehicular assault

§ 2913.03:       Unauthorized use of a vehicle

§ 2923.241:     Hidden compartments in vehicles

§ 4506.04:       Commercial Motor Vehicle Prohibited acts

§ 4506.15:       Commercial Motor Vehicle OVI / DUI

§ 4506.03:       Operating a commercial vehicle without a CDL

§ 4506.20:       Breaching a statutory duty by employer of commercial motor vehicle driver

§ 4507.02:       Permitting operation by unlicensed driver

§ 4507.071:     Violation of a probationary or restricted use license

§ 4507.30:       Displaying a false license or that of another person

§ 4507.31:       Permitting an unlicensed minor to operate vehicle

§ 4507.35:       Failure to furnish satisfactory proof of license upon demand

§ 4507.36:       Making false statements

§ 4509.101:     Operating of motor vehicle without insurance

§ 4509.102:     Producing false proof of insurance

§ 4509.74:       Failure to report an accident

§ 4509.77:       Failure to return license

§ 4510.11:       Driving under suspension or in violation of license restriction

§ 4510.14:       Driving under OVI suspension

§ 4510.16:       Driving under financial responsibility law suspension or cancellation

§ 4510.21:       Driving after failure to reinstate license

§ 4510.18:       Driving under lifetime suspension

§ 4511.19:       Operating vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs – OVI

§ 4511.20:       Operation in willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property

§ 4511.202:     Operation without being in reasonable control of vehicle

§ 4511.203:     Wrongful entrustment of motor vehicle

§ 4511.204:     Driving while texting

§ 4511.23:       Speed limits on bridges

§ 4511.46:       Failure to yield right-of-way to pedestrian within crosswalk

§ 4511.47:       Failure to yield right-of-way to blind person

§ 4511.48:       Failure to yield right-of-way yielded by pedestrian (Jaywalking)

§ 4511.82:       Littering offenses

§ 4549.02:       Failure to stop after accident (hit and run)

§ 4549.03:       Failure to stop after accident involving damage to property

Defenses to your Ohio motor vehicle criminal charge


There are numerous defenses that our Clermont County, Ohio traffic court lawyers employ in defense of your case. The first area of defense we explore is whether the underlying stop was legal. If not, then we would move the Cincinnati City Court to suppress any evidence gleaned under the legal doctrine of “fruits of the poisonous tree,” which requires that a court suppress any evidence from trial that was illegally obtained. If the prosecution is unable to enter evidence of the criminality at trial then the court must dismiss the charge or charges.

Another area we explore are any statutory defenses or exclusions. These are commonly called “affirmative defenses.” Under an affirmative defense, the defendant is admitting he or she “did it,” however had a legally justifiable excuse enumerated in the law.

Yet another area of defense is investigating whether the arresting officer is competent as a witness against our client. Under § 4549.13, § 4549.14, § 4549.15, § 4549.16, the arresting officer must have been in a marked police unit and the departmental uniform in order to make an arrest on a motor vehicle crime and testify against a motorist in court.

There are just a few of the areas our Warren County, Ohio traffic court lawyers explore in defense of your case. Give us a call today toll free for a no cost, no obligation phone consultation.

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