Failing To Stop For A School Bus
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Cincinnati, Ohio area failing to stop for a school bus defense traffic court lawyers


§ 4511.75. Stopping for stopped school bus

You are traveling along minding your own business. Somewhere in front of you or in your area is a school bus. Suddenly without warning it stops, the stop signs swing out and the lights start flashing red. You would stop if you could but you cannot safely do so as you are right on top of it and it would require slamming on your breaks in traffic. So you continue. Next thing you know you are being pulled over by the police – and there is no correct answer to the officer’s question “do you know why I stopped you…” You are going to get a ticket.

It has been the experience of our Hamilton and Clermont County, Ohio traffic court lawyers that this is one of the most over enforced of the Ohio traffic laws. What’s worse, many prosecutors and courts have a “no plea bargaining policy,” which means you must plead guilty “as charged” or take the case to trial. In addition, the state statute PROHIBITS pleading guilty by mail. This means that if you are an out of area motorist you must come back to the area to appear in court.

On all points our Warren County, Ohio traffic court lawyers can represent you. Despite the fact that you may have actually passed the bus there are numerous defenses available to you. We can fully prepare a proper defense for your trial and appear in court for you under an authorization to appear and plea so that you do not have to personally come back to court.

The Statute

Under Ohio § 4511.75 a motorist must stop:

…upon meeting or overtaking….any school bus stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging any school child… at least ten feet from the front or rear of the school bus…

Statutory Defenses

While it is not a defense that the bus failed to display or be equipped with an automatically extended stop warning signs, it is a defense that  the bus was in designated school bus loading area and entirely off the roadway, or at a school building and loading or unloading at curbside. Further, it is a defense to the charge that the summons was issued on a highway that is divided into four or more traffic lanes and the motorist was approaching from the opposite direction.  

Other defenses

Often times our Cincinnati, Ohio traffic court lawyers build a defense around not the statutory defenses but the common law defenses of “impossibility” or “necessity.” In the law, there is a legal excuse and affirmative defense that it was either impossible under the circumstances to comply with the statute, or it was safer to violate it then comply (i.e., that it was a legal “necessity” to violate the statute).

Fines and sentences

Upon a plea of finding as guilty “as charged” the fine is as much as $500.00, and it is in the court’s discretion to suspend the driving privileges of the motorist. In addition to the punitive penalties, passing a stopped school bus in violation of § 4511.75 is a major insurance merit system violation which will cause a 3 year premium increase.

You have defenses – You have options – Don’t plead guilty “as charged” – Don’t go it alone – Contact us today

If you received a ticket for passing a stopped school bus, Ohio § 4511.75, anywhere in the Cincinnati area, contact our Dayton, Ohio traffic court lawyers today. We service Butler County, Warren County, Clinton County, and Brown County, Ohio. Our traffic court lawyers and attorneys service the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as Preble County, and Montgomery County. We provide a no cost, no obligation phone consultation. 

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