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Why hire a Vermont traffic court lawyer

There are numerous reasons to retain an attorney to fight your Vermont speeding ticket. When you retain our office the benefit of our service is convenience and cost savings. When you retain us you benefit as follows:

  • We deal with you over the phone and through e-mail so you never have to come to our office
  • We get your appearance waived in court so you never have to go to lose time from school, work, or your daily activities to make court appearances
  • We offer “one stop shopping” in that we defend traffic tickets throughout the State of Vermont not just in certain areas like most lawyers
  • Traffic ticket, DWI, traffic crimes, and other judicial bureau issues are the only area we practice
  • We have flat fee, value pricing to ultimately save you money

In addition, as professionals our attorneys know that the common myths about how to fight a traffic ticket do not work and how to proffer a professional defense as follows:


Legitimate defenses and techniques

If the cop does not show you the radar the ticket must be dismissed.

The officer does not have to show you the radar at the scene, however the state must prove that the radar was calibrated and in proper working order and if they cannot do that via entering into evidence the calibration certificate than the officer cannot testify as to the results of the radar reading.

“I was going with the flow of traffic.”

Not a legal defense, just your unlucky day.

If the cop does not show up for trial, the ticket must be dismissed.

This is true, however the first appearance is a conference where you can either work out a deal with the prosecutor or set it down for trial. If the cop doesn’t show up at trial the ticket can be dismissed, but the court doesn’t have to and can adjourn it once or more before dismissal. You have to make at least 2 appearances for a no-show police dismissal, and missing 1 date gets your license suspended.

If the radar is thrown out they have to dismiss the case.

No. The officer can still testify as to their visual estimation based on their training and experience and you can still be found guilty of speeding. However, without the radar evidence it is harder for the state to make its case.

“I’ll just tell the judge I didn’t mean to run the red light.”

We have a legal term for that – it’s called a “confession.” Unfortunately, a traffic infraction is a “strict liability” charge and your intent does not matter. So by saying you were distracted, you did not mean it, etc., will not help to get your case dismissed and is actually evidence of your guilt.

“I’ll plead guilty to speeding so long as they waive the points.”

This is an impossibility. The points accrue administratively by the DMV to the conviction; the only way to defeat the points is to negotiate a plea to a 0 point violation or a lesser violation or take the case to trial and win.

“I’ve never had a ticket in my “X” years of driving.”

This is not a legal defense, just like if you have a very bad driving record does not mean you should be automatically convicted. We do, however, point out your clean driving record to the prosecutor and use it as leverage to get the best deal possible. And if you have a bad driving record we offer alternate dispute resolutions, such as community service or taking a safety course, to get a reduced offer.

“The cop wasn’t wearing his hat…the cop was rude and yelled at me…the cop wouldn’t listen to me…the cop just handed me the tickets…the cop told me to just plead guilty and there would be no points.”

Irrelevant, irrelevant, irrelevant, irrelevant, and wrong.

Relevant considerations when retaining a Vermont traffic ticket lawyer

If you are on this page you or someone you know has likely received a Vermont traffic or speeding ticket and you are considering retaining an attorney to fight the charge. You are considering this for one reason or another. Maybe you feel that you are wrongfully accused. Maybe you believe the police officer was rude. Maybe you feel you should have been given a “break.” Maybe you feel that relative to your situation you were really not doing anything wrong even though maybe technically you did violate the law. These are the main reasons people seek a Vermont traffic court lawyer for a Vermont traffic ticket. However, these are all emotional reasons.

The 3 main reasons you should seek counsel for a traffic ticket, whether or not you feel that you are guilty of the charges, have nothing to do with emotions but have to do with protecting your interests. They are:

  • Retaining counsel will overarching save you money by preventing an insurance increase.
  • You are charged with something that, if found guilty “as charged” you will suffer a license suspension.
  • You have a CDL or otherwise drive for a living or need your license to get to and from work.

A word on “points,” the DMV, and insurance considerations

Everyone asks the same question – how many “points” and can you beat the points? This is what we focus on – negotiating a plea that will eliminate the points or reduce them to the point where the point accrual will not cause an insurance increase. If we are unsuccessful in doing that then we will set the case down for trial.

However, there are 2 point systems – the DMV’s point system and the insurance companies merit point system. While reducing or dismissing the charges is the same method to defeating the points, the 2 systems are not the same.

The Vermont DMV, like all state DMV’s accrues points for potential license suspensions. Other states, such as New York, also accrue points to charge an additional fine for accruing 6 or more points in an 18 month period.

Contrast that of the insurance merit point system, whereby each insurance company has its own proprietary algorithm and has “major” and “minor” point system violations which can cause an insurance increase. Further, an accident even when no ticket was issued is a merit system violation. While it is impossible to know exactly how each insurance company accrues its points and what is a major vs. minor violation, what we know is universal is as follows:

  • You always want to avoid excessive speeding convictions (25 MPH and over).
  • If there was an accident involved you want to get that ticket dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation if possible because an accident with a conviction is a “double whammy.”
  • Running past a stopped school bus is something EVERYONE frowns upon. The fines are high and insurance companies generally raise rates upon a conviction. Many prosecutors and courts have a “no plea bargaining” policy so a trial is usually required.
  • Whenever there are residual points left on your license we can advise you on how to take a point reduction course in conjunction with our representation of you do not get an insurance increase.
  • If you have a license from outside of Vermont your home state may or may not record the points to your home state’s DMV record, however, your insurance company will always consider the conviction for their merit system.
  • Often times when charged with multiple tickets on 1 stop the police over reached on the charges and violated the constitutional protections against “double jeopardy.” Our office reviews the charges for that and other constitutional violations.

Times when you should ALWAYS fight your Vermont speeding ticket / moving violation

  • Any speeding ticket.
  • When you are in danger of having your license suspended.
  • If you are in assigned risk (23 years old or younger, bad accident history, recent DWI / DUI conviction).
  • More than 1 ticket was written on the stop.
  • You were charged with a motor vehicle crime such as DUI.
  • You have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) whether or not you were driving in the course of your employment.
  • You drive for a living even if you do not have a CDL or there is no means of public transportation to get to work or school.

If you have a ticket call us today toll free for a no cost, no obligation phone consultation

Attack That Ticket Vermont

CALL: 1-877-99-NoTix  (1-877-996-6849)     Email: vermontinfo@attackthatticket.com

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