Marijuana Defense Attorneys

What is a NY UPM?

NY Penal Law §221.05 makes it unlawful to possess small amounts of marijuana. This would be less than 25 grams. Unlawful possession of marijuana is a criminal violation in New York. If you are accused of possessing 25 grams or more of Marijuana in NY then you will be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the quantity of marijuana you are in possession of. 

If you were in a vehicle you can be charged with Unlawful possession of marijuana in NY even if the marijuana was not in your personal possession. Whenever marijuana is found in any public area of a vehicle everyone in the vehicle is deemed in possession of it. This is called “constructive possession,” and it creates a rebuttable presumption that the marijuana was in your possession.

Should you plead guilty to Unlawful possession of marijuana in NY?

Do not plead guilty to unlawful possession of marijuana!

Our law firm is skilled at getting the charge dismissed. Pleading guilty creates a permanent criminal record which you may have to disclose to employers and on student loan applications. Plus, a conviction is a public record so it is discoverable on a criminal history check. It makes no sense to plead guilty, as you have nothing to gain and everything to lose!

Fighting the NY Unlawful possession of marijuana charge

When you hire our unlawful possession of marijuanadefense lawyers and attorneys, you get a law firm that practices exclusively ticketable offenses. There are a lot of nuances which are present when the charge is filed on a ticket rather than a custodial arrest, and you want an expert who knows how to prepare a case and find all of the weaknesses in the paperwork. This gives you the most leverage to get your UPM case dismissed.    

If you received a NY unlawful possession of marijuana ticket we can represent you! Don’t delay! Call our marijuana defense lawyers for a no cost, no obligation phone consultation now!

One way we can get your unauthorized possession of marijuana case dismissed is by adjudication contemplating dismissal, commonly known as an “ACD.” However, to get a NY your unauthorized possession of marijuana dismissed by ACD, there are very specific NY procedural hurdles you must jump. Our lawyers know those hurdles like the back of our hand. This skill, knowledge, and professionalism give you the best chance of having your UPM charge dismissed.

When our clients are granted an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal the court monitors them and, so long as they do not get arrested over the following year the case is set back on the court calendar for a dismissal. When this happens you don’t even have to go back to court we will go for you.

We have represented and will represent first time and repeat offenders charged with your unauthorized possession of marijuana.  We have successfully appeared in all courts in NY State to defend your unauthorized possession of marijuana charges. Often times we can get our clients personal appearance waived.

If you are confused by how to defend your NY unauthorized possession of marijuana ticket and the laws surrounding how to get it dismissed, don’t go it alone! Call our NY UPM defense lawyers and attorneys now for a no cost, no obligation phone consultation!