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Auto Insurance Points, formally called the "Merit System," are different than DMV Traffic Points. The main differences are:

1. Violations accrue whenever anyone in the HOUSEHOLD gets a violation

2. Accidents are chargeable violations EVEN WHEN not convicted of a moving violation

3. Insurance Companies distinguish between "major" violations and "minor" violations

4. Some violations that carry no DMV points are considered "major" insurance violations

5. The insurance company look back period is 3 years and DMV is 18 months

Common examples of traffic convictions carrying no DMV points but major insurance merit system points:

1.  DWI/DWAI alcohol or drugs

2.  Driving on suspended/revoked license

3.  Leaving the scene of an accident

4.  Fleeing the police

5.  Participation in drag race

6.  Auto felony

7.  Auto homicide

All other types of moving violations are considered "minor" violations but still cause an increase in insurance premiums. A combination of major and minor violations can be a big problem.

“Many people plead guilty to driving without a license, because it's no points and only a small fine. What they don't realize is that it's a major' insurance violation to most insurers.”                 
Mark Kosofsky

“Pleading guilty to a point violation when you have a young or assigned risk driver in the household, even if that driver did not get the ticket, can cause everyone’s insurance to go up.”
Michael J. Palumbo

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