NY Speeding Ticket Lawyers

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Getting a free consultation could not be easier, but we do need to know a little information about your ticket. Before filling out the form below, please read these instructions.

If you were given a NY State ticket it is probably a large, 2 column summons. However, all we need to know are a few things:

• The charge or charges (and if speeding the speed limit and the speed charged)
• The name of the court that the ticket was returned

You can photo the entire ticket, however, the information we need off of the ticket is contained on these 2 sections of the ticket:

Middle left of the ticket – charges, date, time and location of the stop

Alternative text

Bottom left of the ticket – name and address of the court and return date

Alternative text

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You can choose to take photos with your mobile device or attach photos from your gallery by hitting the browse button. Please include photos of your ticket as instructed at the top of this page. Thank you.

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