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If you’ve received a New York speeding ticket or other moving violation, our NY Traffic Ticket Lawyers from Attack That Ticket can represent you and provide you high level NY Traffic Court Defense. You don’t just need to fight the ticket, you need to Attack That Ticket. The Fines, penalties, points, additional hidden DMV fines, and a possible increase in insurance premiums can easily cost you over $600.00. Our NY traffic ticket attorneys can resolve these issues for you without high fines, fees, insurance increases, or even you appearing in court.

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Do not plead guilty let our NY Traffic Ticket Lawyers at Attack That Ticket represent you. Pleading guilty as charged to a routine speeding ticket accusing you of doing a mere 21 miles per hour over the speed limit will cost between the court fines and surcharges and DMV fines, a minimum of $475.00 and a maximum of $685.00. PLUS any insurance increase.

With Attack That Ticket’s one time low flat fee and our money back guarantee to reduce or eliminate the point’s charged in most courts, your overall cost will be less than sending the ticket in pleading guilty as charged. Our NY Traffic Court lawyers can represent you throughout New York State, and we do this without the need for you to ever lose time from work or appear in court. Go to our no hassle representation page to see how you will save you time and money. Join our other satisfied clients by having us handle your traffic ticket.

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So what are you waiting for? Call our NY traffic ticket lawyers right now on our toll free number and take advantage of Attack That Ticket’s offer to give you a free estimate. See for yourself whether it would be worth hiring us to Attack That Ticket for you.

Client Review on Avvo: “I was practically on the banks of losing my license. I got hit with 5 tickets at once and a total of 24 points in violations. No doubt my license would have been revoked if it wasn’t for Mike. He knows the traffic laws better than anyone! He gave me information no other defender could in his free 30 minute consultation. Not only is he reasonable in price but he also delivers!! To be acquitted of these charges in a court where plea bargaining isn’t allowed is simply surreal. Thanks Mike! I love you!”

”We’re looking to bring you value. We want you to refer all your family and friends to us. That’s why when it doesn’t make economic sense to hire us, we’ll tell you just pay the ticket. In fact, we have so much information about the fines, surcharges and insurance on our website you can almost determine for yourself whether retaining us to fight your traffic ticket makes sense.”
Michael J. Palumbo, Founder

At Attack That Ticket we know that your time is a valuable commodity. Our Hassle-Free Pledge means that we’ll handle your traffic infractions without the need for you to ever have to:
– Come to our office
– Appear in court
– Take time off from work

“It’s not that we don’t welcome clients into our offices – we do. It’s just that the vast majority would rather save the trip to our offices, as well as the trip to court.”
Michael Palumbo, Founder

1. We send 2 documents. A one page retainer and the authorization to appear on your behalf.
2. You sign both and mail back to us with ticket and payment.

That’s all there is to it!

NY traffic ticket Lawyers

We are a dedicated team of New York traffic ticket attorneys whose goal is to fight on behalf of the motoring public. Headquartered in Rye, New York, we provide full service to our clients as well as a full  array of services anywhere in the State of NY. If you are charged with a traffic infraction our office goes to court for you so that you do not  have to. If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated,  reckless driving, aggravated unlicensed operation, or any other traffic  crime, our goal is to prevent you from having a permanent criminal  history and to get you the best possible deal to keep you on the road  and your insurance rates low.

Our office can also represent you  before the NYS DMV in administrative actions such as safety bureau  hearings, fatality hearings, DWI chemical test refusal hearings, and  applications to reinstate your driver’s license and / or appealing a  license application denial. We also represent motorists in Coram Nobis  proceedings to expunge prior criminal and infraction convictions that  are affecting the ability to get re-licensed or a job.

Often times motorist call us who have left New York State years ago or were here  and had a motor vehicle incident that is still open. They usually find  out about this upon attempting to renew their out of state license when  that DMV advises them that there is a hold on their renewal for an open  issue in New York. Our strategically located office in Mamaroneck can  retrieve your records from the NYS DMV create for you a simple roadmap  to resolution of your NY issues in order to clear your record so that  you can re-establish driving privileges here and elsewhere.

With Our NY Traffic Ticket lawyers you get Convenience. Ease. Peace Of Mind.

These are not just punch lines but words we live by. We provide convenience by getting your court appearance waived so you never have to set foot  into court or deal with this after retaining our services. We provide ease by making the process to retain us simple. We e-mail you 2 documents  that you sign and mail back to us with the ticket and that’s it. You’re  done. After that we do everything for you so that you do not have to. We provide peace of mind by offering you a money  back guarantee to reduce or eliminate the points. In fact, we are the only firm New York State to make such a guarantee.  Check our money back guarantee page for details.