The White Plains Speeding Ticket Lawyers and attorneys at the Palumbo & Associates, PC / Attack That Ticket law firm practice speeding ticket defense (NY VTL § 1180), cell phone ticket defense (NY VTL § 1225), red light defense (NY VTL § 1111) as well as stop sign violation (NY VTL § 1172), and all other moving violation and auto crimes in and around the City of White Plains Traffic Court.

We are simply the best White Plains traffic ticket lawyers and attorneys you can find. We offer a money back guarantee when we defend infractions in the White Plains Traffic Court, and have hundreds of positive online client reviews


You can call us anytime 24 / 7 to speak to a qualified traffic court defense lawyer for a free no cost, no obligation phone consultation. When you call have the ticket(s) and any papers you may have in front of you. All we need to know is the following:

· The charges (i.e., speeding)

· If speeding, the speed limit of the road and the speed charged 

· If you have one, the court date

Value Driven Flat Fees

Our White Plains Speeding Ticket Law firm provides value based flat fees which saves you thousands by preventing insurance increases. We also go to court for you so that you do not have to lose money taking off time from work. Nor will you ever have to come to our office all you do is mail is the ticket, pay us via credit card, and we do the rest!

White Plains traffic ticket law firm Palumbo & Associates, PC, home of!

We have defended thousands of tickets just like yours in traffic courts throughout the State of New York! 

Don’t Risk Your Driver’s License in White Plains City Traffic Court. Call us now!

We also defend auto crime misdemeanors in the White Plans City Traffic Court, such as:

· Driving with a suspended license (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation), NY VTL § 511

· Operating a vehicle with a suspended registration, NY VTL § 512

· Driving without insurance (Uninsured Operation), NY VTL § 319 (infraction)

· Reckless driving, NY VTL § 1212

· Speed contest, NY VTL § 1180

· Hit and Run, NY VTL § 600

· Attempting To Flee Or Allude Police

Uninsured motorist, NY VTL § 319, in the White Plains City Court

Do Not Plead Guilty! Upon a guilty verdict, the NYS DMV REVOKES your driver’s license and / or privileges for at least 1 year! 

EVEN IF YOU DID NOT HAVE INSURANCE ON THE VEHICLE CALL US! We can negotiate the charge so that you do not lose your license. 

The Law Office of Palumbo & Associates, PC will represent you in your White Plains speeding ticket cases and fight to ensure that your driving rights and economic interests are protected throughout and avoid or limit your exposure to New York Department of Motor Vehicle Sanctions and Auto Insurance premium increases.

If you have received a White Plains speeding ticket, moving violation, or auto crime ticket, we know you have questions. Pick up the phone and give us a call or message us using the form on this page. Talking to people like you with traffic tickets is something we do all day long, and we’d love to discuss your case with you!