If you received a speeding ticket or other moving violation on White Plains, NY you have come to the right place. We are experienced and simply the best Westchester and White Plains Traffic Court Defense lawyers you will find. Unlike other law firms, we can prove that we are the best White Plains and New York State traffic ticket defense lawyers. We have hundreds of online testimonials that clients leave online for us in their own words. You can view them yourself and come to your own conclusion as to whether our firm is right for you. 

We are also the only law firm in New York State that offers a money back guarantee to reduce or eliminate the points.

When you hire our law firm we go to court for you so that you do not have to take off time from work to personally appear in court.

Palumbo & Associates, PC is the home of Attack That Ticket. We offer the White Plains Traffic Court defense you need. Our lawyers and attorneys are the best, most experienced Westchester County and White Plains, New York speeding ticket defense lawyers. Whether you received a speeding ticket (NY VTL § 1180), cell phone / electronic device ticket (NY VTL § 1225), move over law ticket (NY VTL § 1144), red light, stop sign, fail to obey a traffic control device, or any other moving violation or auto crime charge, we can represent you. 

Our attorneys do not dabble in White Plains and New York traffic ticket defense. This is our core business, and as such our core competency. When you retain our White Plains Traffic Ticket Defense lawyers you are getting a law firm that has thousands of successful cases under its belt over years of experience. 

Why you should hire the best speeding ticket traffic court defense attorney in White Plains

If you want the best outcome you need the best lawyer. Who is the best lawyer? One that has hundreds of online testimonials and reviews, and one that only practices traffic ticket and traffic court defense. With such an attorney he will take your matter very seriously because his reputation resides in that practice area. Such a lawyer has handled thousands of cases like yours and knows exactly what to do to get you the best outcome and result. 

Our White Plains, NY traffic ticket attorneys are dedicated to winning your case because when we take your case our reputation is on the line.Our experienced traffic court defense lawyers have years of experience. We properly analyze your case and provide you with a legal strategy to aggressively defend your Westchester County speeding ticket, fail to yield ticket, cell phone ticket, or whatever you have been charged with. 

Call right now at (914) 777-2990 to discuss our case and discover your defense options. Our traffic court defense lawyers always offer free phone consultations. 

Fighting your New York State speeding ticket avoids points and insurance surcharges

When motorists plead guilty as charged without contesting the ticket, they always get the worse possible outcome. The consequences are severe and in addition to the fine and surcharge from the court often include:

· Points on your driving record

· Further fines directly from the NYS DMV, called “assessments,” starting at $300.00. 

· NYS license and / or driving privilege suspension

· NYS license and / or driving privilege revocation

· Insurance increases by way of surcharge

· In some cases, jail time

These consequences even occur if you have an out of state license!

Insurance premiums can increase severely with a moving violation conviction. Reducing the points charged avoids the insurance increase and DMV fines. At Palumbo & Associates, PC, with our money back guarantee, you get the result you want, reduction of points, by virtue of our money back guarantee to reduce the points. If we fail to do that we will refund your attorney’s fee. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you retain our services. 

If You Receive a Traffic Ticket in White Plains

Contact our traffic court defense lawyers immediately! Trying to decipher a speeding ticket is confusing. There are strict deadlines that must be adhered to when answering a ticket that, if you miss the deadline will result in a license suspension. So call us immediately. Our law firm does all the work for you. All you have to do is send us the ticket and we do all the legal work and the rest. We do it all so that you do not have to! When you retain us you will not have to worry about the following:

· Return dates

· Court dates

· Responding to the ticket

· Going to court

· Facing the cop

· Facing the prosecutor

· Facing the judge

· Waiting on line

· Getting searched in court

· Having to find parking

· Taking a day off from work

· Missing a date and having your license suspended

We also appear in all traffic courts of the State of New York

In addition to the White Plains City Court, our traffic court defense lawyers and attorneys appear for you in all courts throughout the state of New York! Did your kid get a ticket upstate at a SUNY School – no problem we can handle it? Did you get a ticket in Buffalo while on business – no swear just send us the ticket and we can take care of it! Did your daughter get a ticket while away in the Hamptons for the weekend – just give is a call and she will not have to deal with it!

If you have been charged with or have received a traffic ticket, we know that you may be confused or have questions. If that is the case please pick up the phone, give us a call, and speak to one of our traffic ticket defense lawyers. We talk to people all day, every day about traffic tickets and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our firm and services. The phone consultation is free, and we can be reached anytime 24 / 7 at (914) 777-2990 to speak with an experienced traffic ticket defense lawyer or message us here.