Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer

Cortland County, NY

If you get a speeding or traffic ticket in Cortland County, NY before doing anything you should consult with a Cortland County traffic court lawyer. Our traffic court defense law firm can represent you in all courts of Cortland County, especially in Cortlandville Town Court which has a high volume traffic court.

Located directly in the middle of New York State between Syracuse and Binghamton, New York, many people confuse it with the Town of Cortlandt, New York, which is located in Westchester County. The Cortland apple was developed in Cortland County, NY when, in 1898 the “Ben Davis” apple was crossed with the McIntosh. 

Traffic Courts in Cortland County

Cortland County, NY contains 18 different traffic courts. While our speeding and traffic ticket defense attorneys will represent you in all traffic courts of Cortland County, the vast majority of the speeding tickets given in Cortland County are given in the Town of Cortlandville, New York. This is because Interstate 81 runs through Cortlandville, NY and the New York State Police maintain a strict speed trap there. Our defense lawyers routinely appear in Cortlandville traffic court to defend our clients.

Cortlandville New York

If you received a speeding ticket (NY VTL § 1180), move over law ticket (VTL § 1144-A), or any other ticket on I-81 in Cortlandville, the case will be returned to the Cortlandville Town Court, 3577 Terrace Road, Cortland, NY 13045. The speeding tickets in Cortlandville Town Court are prosecuted by the town prosecutor, who is an employee of the Town of Cortlandville. The court has its own traffic court judges.

Other busy traffic courts in Cortland County, New York are the Homer Town Court, Marathon Town Court, Homer Town Court, Preble Town Court, and the Cincinnatus Town Court. Just as in the Cortlandville Town Court local town prosecutors are prosecuting the motorists accused of speeding and other traffic violations. In addition, each court has their own traffic court judges. Since our traffic court defense lawyers appear in all Cortland County City, Town and Village traffic courts, we are familiar with the nuances of each court. Because of that we change up our defense strategy from one traffic court to the next to get you the best result. 

What to do when you receive a Cortland County traffic ticket

Cortland County, New York is home to New York’s State University of New York (SUNY) Cortland. Many out of state students attend SUNY Cortland and our traffic court defense lawyers represent them without the need for them to lose time from class to come to court, because we get their appearance waived for court. Nor do they have to come to our office. If you receive a speeding ticket in Cortlandville all you have to do is contact us, but whatever you do don’t ignore it! Failing to timely answer the charges will result in your NY license or privileges being suspended. If you are then caught driving on a suspended license you will be arrested and criminally prosecuted.  

Our Services – Reliable. Affordable. Simple.

Our traffic court law firm does everything for you from beginning to end. We do everything for you. We get your court appearance waived and deal with you by phone, e-mail, and regular mail so you never have to come to our office. We give you a money back guarantee to reduce or eliminate the points in all Cortland County traffic courts so you have peace of mind that we are working hard for you. 

We strive to negotiate a plea bargain which that will prevent an insurance increase. In other cases due to the circumstances our main goal could be to just prevent a license suspension or revocation. We are fully prepared to advocate for you and when required take your case to trial.  

Your Next Step

If you have a Cortland County speeding or traffic ticket call us toll free at 1-877-99-NO-TIX for no obligation free phone consultation. We need to know your name, whether you are in the Cortlandville Town Court or a different court, the charge (i.e., “speeding”), and if a speeding ticket the speed limit and the speed you were charged with. Our phone consultation takes no more than 15 minutes. Don’t wait call today!