It can happen to anybody. Maybe your blue tooth is disabled. Maybe you picked up your phone to move it or glance at a text message. Whatever the reason, you have now been charged under NY VTL § 1225 – prohibited cell phone use. Now if you are convicted you will accrue 5 points to your NYS driving history.

You need legal help for your cell phone or personal electronic device ticket. You need a New York lawyer and a NY law firm that practices only cell phone and personal electronic use defense. You need to hire the best NY traffic ticket and traffic court defense lawyer you can find.

Distracted driving – using hand held cell phones or portable electronic devices (PED) is a serious violation. New York State will accrue 5 points to your NYS driving history if you are convicted of this charge.

That’s 5 points for holding a cell phone. That’s 5 points for holding a GPS. Suppose in addition to the cell phone ticket for 5 points you are charged with speeding or running a stop sign or red light. You can easily be charged with 8 points, 9 points, 11 points, 13 points, or 16 points. 

If you have been charged under NY VTL § 1225 – prohibited cell phone use, you want to hire the best NY traffic ticket and traffic court defense lawyer you can find. We have hundreds of online client reviews so you can see what our prior clients who found themselves in your situation say about us in their own words. 

Our cell phone and electronic device defense lawyers can represent you anywhere in NY State, as well as New York City and the 5 boroughs of NYC.

Distracted Driving & Insurance Rates

Being convicted of a cell phone or electronic use violation in New York is a major merit system violation. A conviction will cause your insurance company to surcharge you for a 3 year period. 

Cell Phone Conviction Penalties

The fine you get will just be the start of it. You can also be sentenced to:

· A license suspension

· Community Service

· Driver Retraining

· In rare cases, jail is a possibility

Legal Defenses to Cell Phone Use

The legal defenses turn on undermining the elements of the infraction of prohibited cell phone use, NY VTL § 1225. The elements of the infraction depend on whether you are charged with use of the device as a phone or use of the device as a personal electronic device. One constant among both ways one can be charged is that the vehicle must be in motion at the time of the observed use. There are also elements specific to commercial drivers which broaden the meaning of use and operation of a vehicle. 

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