Speeding ticket? Moving violation? Attack that ticket with ease, simplicity and peace of mind
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NY Speeding Ticket Lawyers - Hassle Free Representation

At Attack That Ticket we know that your time is a valuable commodity. Our Hassle-Free Pledge means that we’ll handle your traffic infractions without the need for you to ever have to:
 – Come to our office
 – Appear in court
 – Take time off from work

“It’s not that we don’t welcome clients into our offices – we do. It’s just that the vast majority would rather save the trip to our offices, as well as the trip to court.”
Michael Palumbo, Founder


1. We send 2 documents. A one page retainer and the authorization to appear on your behalf.
2. You sign both and mail back to us with ticket and payment.

That’s all there is to it!
When the case wraps up we obtain any time for you, pay any fine and advise you of the results, fine amount and payment instructions.

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