New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Attack That Ticket’s Speeding Ticket Defense Unit is personally headed by our founder; former police officer Michael Jr. Palumbo. In his own words… 
“I’ve received the same training and used the same equipment and techniques as the cop who wrote your ticket, I have also testified and personally experienced good and bad defense advocacy. As an attorney I authored the article ‘Cross Examination of a Police Officer’s Visual Estimation In A Speeding Trial,’ published in the Westchester County Bar Journal, Fall/Winter 2007.”

Attack That Ticket’s Speeding Defense Unit strives to either get the ticket dismissed or plea bargain to a non-moving or non-speeding violation.

Why Attack That Speeding Ticket? 

1. The Points are High 
2. Conviction of going only 21 MPH over the limit results in fines from the DMV in addition to court fines 
3. Three or more speeding convictions in 18 months = suspension.

At Attack That Ticket we employ a “bottom up’ defense strategy: 
1. Obtain the facts and driving history from client 
2. Carefully review ticket for dismiss able errors 
3. Timely notify the court of your “NOT GUILTY” plea.

Once in court:
1. If in New York City or another DMV court, adjourn for as long as possible 
2. If outside of a DMV court, attempt to negotiate an acceptable plea bargain If we cannot negotiate an acceptable plea, we then either: 
1. Set the matter down for pre-trial motions, or 
2. Set the matter down for pre-trial hearings, or 
3. Set the matter down for trial 

Speeding Ticket Defense Unit fully prepares for trial by: 
1. Reviewing the law for recent changes 
2. Obtaining from the Police Officer supporting depositions (when not in a DMV court) 
3. Re-interviewing you for the details 

Why re-interview you for the details? 
Because: Simple facts such as weather, how many officers were involved in the stop, traffic volume and conditions can lead to a dismissal. 

“While in college my son David received 2 speeding tickets shortly apart
from each other in New Rochelle and the Bronx. The points charged
totaled 12, which would have resulted in a license suspension. Michael
and his office got 1 ticket dismissed and the other negotiated to a 2 point non-speeding violation. And my son never had to go to court or miss classes. I would highly recommend hiring the Michael J. Palumbo and the lawyers at Attack That Ticket  if you have a speeding or traffic ticket.”

Donna Kalfo, Brooklyn, New York