NY Traffic Lawyer Reviews is one of the best ways to vet a law firm. We have hundreds of reviews from our satisfied NY traffic ticket defense clients. One of our NY traffic lawyer reviews is from well known comedian and actor Vic DiBitetto, who made us a video testimonial. Our repository of reviews can be found on our Avvo page. Avvo is a website like Yelp, but just for lawyers. You can view our Avvo reviews by clicking here.

When hiring a NY speeding ticket defense attorney, one of the best ways to vet the lawyer is to read what other clients say in their own words in their testimonials. In addition to NY Traffic Lawyer reviews, other hallmarks of a lawyer right for your case include:

Does the lawyer specialize in just what you need, or does the law firm have a shotgun approach to the practice of law?

Is it easy to speak to an attorney of the firm, or are you always dealing with underlings?

When conversing with the lawyer, do you get the sense that the attorney has a working knowledge of the law, your case, and the court involved?

Does the lawyer charge what you believe to be a relatively high fee?

A Word About Legal Fees

I have a saying – good lawyer’s aren’t cheap, and cheap lawyer’s aren’t good. When you find the hallmarks of a competent, professional lawyer – positive online reviews, specialization – speaking with lawyers – working knowledge of the practice area, you should expect that the price for legal services will be commensurate with the skill, dedication, and legal acumen that the law firm brings to the table. The issue is less than the price of the service, but the value you get. Our firm is the best in business. We only practice traffic ticket law and give a money back guarantee.  We are never going to be a low priced law firm, but what we always do is give you more in savings then you pay. Plus, we guarantee our work.

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