Speeding and Traffic Ticket Defense

Contact our Rockland County traffic court defense lawyer immediately if you are ever charged with a traffic infraction such as cell phone use, NY VTL § 1225, or speeding, NY VTL § 1180. Our traffic court speeding ticket defense attorney and law firm stands ready to represent you in all courts of Rockland County. Protect your rights by calling our lawyers to defend you in traffic court today.  

Rockland County is an odd little triangular shaped county located just west of the Hudson River. It is bordered on its east by the Hudson River, to its north Orange County, and to its west the State of New Jersey. The southern point of Rockland County is where the Tappan Zee Bridge spans across the Hudson River from Westchester County, NY. 

Despite its odd small size and shape, Rockland County has 20 busy traffic courts. The courts are so busy because Interstate 87 traverses the county east and west, and that section of the interstate sees a huge volume of traffic. Further, the Palisades Interstate Parkway traverses the county north to south, as does Route 9W. There is a large volume of traffic flowing through Rockland County as well as a large volume of speed traps set up by state, county, and local police.    

Traffic Courts in Rockland County

The majority of the speeding tickets given in Rockland County are given in the Clarkstown Town Court, Nyack Village Court, Orangetown Town Court, Ramapo Town Court, and the South Nyack Village Court. Our speeding ticket defense lawyers routinely appear in the those and all Rockland County traffic Courts to defend our clients.

Other busy Rockland County traffic courts are the West Haverstraw Village Court, Upper Nyack Village Court, Suffern Village Court, Stony Point Town Court, Sloatsburg Village Court, New Square Village Court, and the Haverstraw Town Court. 

Rockland County Traffic Court is not prosecuted by the Rockland County District Attorney but by a specially appointed city, town, and village prosecutors. Whether you received your speeding ticket in the Clarkstown Town Court, Orangetown Town Court, or a different court, our Rockland County traffic court defense lawyers can defend you. We are familiar with all the courts and tailor the defense to the court and prosecutor we are before.  

What to do when you receive an Rockland County traffic ticket

Immediately call our New York traffic court defense lawyers if you receive a speeding or traffic ticket anywhere in Rockland County. By retaining our office we go to court for you so you do not lose time from school or work, nor will you have to come to our office. Our traffic court defense law firm will ensure the ticket is answered timely to avoid your license from being suspended. 

Our Services – Reliable. Affordable. Simple.

We get your court appearance waived, offer a money back guarantee to reduce or eliminate the points, and ensure a negotiation to a charge that will not cause an insurance increase or take the case to trial. If for any reason you are found guilty as charged you get your money back from us. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by retaining our office.  

Your Next Step

Call us now toll free at 1-877-99-NO-TIX (1-877-996-6849). The consultation is no cost, no strings attached, no obligation free phone consultation. All you have to tell is your name, which traffic court in Rockland County you are before, the charge or charges (i.e., “speeding”), and if a speeding ticket the speed limit and how fast you were going. Our phone consultation is convenient and brief. Don’t wait call today!