Moving Violations Defense Unit

Our moving violations defense unit knows that a moving violation conviction can have serious economic consequences. That’s why Attack That Ticket’s Moving Violations Defense Unit is personally led by 20 year trial attorney Mark Kosofsky.

The reason we have a trial attorney with over 20 years experience heading the moving violations unit is simple. Being charged with any moving violation can wreak the same amount of havoc that a speeding ticket does. On any moving violation a complete defense plan needs to be established.
“Our unit does a complete review of the ticket and circumstances of the stop to put you in the best position for a positive outcome.”
Mark Kosofsky

Often motorists are charged with multiple non-speeding violations. Attack That Ticket is experienced in multi-ticket defenses and has an established defense plan.
“Pleading guilty to running a red light, failure to yield right of way, and not having a minor in a seatbelt is 9 points and can easily cost over $1,000 in fines and surcharges, not to mention an increase in insurance premiums.”
Mark Kosofsky

Many times motorists are charged with infractions so closely related that it was improper to issue all of the tickets. Attack That Ticket reviews the tickets for the underlying elements and utilizes these factors in defense of your case.
“Lane change, improper passing, and failure to maintain lane charges can violate 5th amendment double jeopardy protections. It is likewise improper to charge someone for passing a stopped school bus and running a stop sign for the same occurrence.”
Mark Kosofsky

Whatever you have been charged with, whether issued a single ticket or multiple tickets;  Attack That Ticket’s lawyers will evaluate your case and zealously advocate on your behalf for the best possible outcome.
“Our law firm takes everv ticket seriouslv. We understand that maintaining a clean driving record is a big deal to you. That makes it a big deal to us.”
Mark Kosofsky