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Attack That Ticket’s Coverage Area

We are New York Attorneys, so no matter where you received a ticket in New York Attack That Ticket will represent. Whether you were passing through, live in the area, or your child is away at a SUNY school in upstate got a ticket we will Attack That Ticket in any New York State City, County, Town, Village, or jurisdiction.

Attack That Ticket can represent you from Montauk at the easternmost edge of Suffolk County, all of Nassau County to New York City from its southernmost point to the North Bronx. Attack That Ticket’s coverage continues northward up the New York State throughway (Interstate 87) from the Bronx Major Deegan Expressway to the Adirondack Northway, and all the way to the Canadian Boarder in the Town of Champlain in Clinton County. Our coverage area extends to the southwestern tip of New York’s Chautauqua County where New York State boarders with Pennsylvania in the Town of Clymer, New York. From there Attack That Ticketcan represent you northward along the western boarder of New York in towns and cities such as Buffalo, Niagara, Rochester, Oswego, Watertown, and even the hamlet of Ogdensberg, New York. Attack That Ticketcovers all areas in between, such as central New York’s Geneva, Auburn, Syracuse, Utica and Rome, New York. We cover the entire Hudson Valley from Westchester County, Rockland County, Putnam County, Orange County, through Kingston and the entire Catskill region. We cover Monticello, Lake George, Colonie, the city of Albany, Albany County, Schenectady, Cobleskill, Troy and Saratoga Springs.

“When they say they can represent you throughout all of New York State they are not kidding. I was charged with a traffic misdemeanor in Manhattan and speeding in Upstate. I missed the upstate court date and my license was suspended. Other than getting the tickets my biggest mistake was waiting so long to get in touch with Michael Palumbo fromAttack That Ticket. Within 10 minutes after we first spoke he called me back and told me that he got the court to agree to hold off on issuing a warrant so long as I immediately paid a small bond. I did so and my license was restored. I hired Attack That Ticketfor both the upstate speeding ticket and the Manhattan criminal matter. They had the criminal matter dismissed and the speeding ticket converted into a parking ticket. I could not be more pleased with the results.”
Kristen Hanratty, Bronx, New York.


So if you or your son, daughter, or spouse receives a moving violation anywhere in New York State get Attack That Ticketon your side today. Give us a call now at our toll free number for a free phone consultation.


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Attack That Ticket, NY Speeding Ticket Attorney,  as well as traffic ticket lawyers. As New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer they also handle DUI DWI. How to fight a NYC speeding ticket,  How to defend a DWI in New York State,  DUI defense New York State,  Representing VTL tickets in New York State,  Do you have a suspended license in New York State?  Aggravated Unlicensed Operation. How to defend a drunk driving charge in New York, Traffic Lawyers. Traffic Attorney handling New York City Traffic Tickets.  We are also criminal defense lawyers.


Attack That Ticket is brought to you by the Law Office of Palumbo & Associates, P.C. serving all of New York City and New York State, their principal office is located at 1600 Harrison Avenue, Suite 306, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

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