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Defending a reckless driving charge in Connecticut

Unlike other states, it is very easy to be charged with the misdemeanor crime of reckless driving in the State of Connecticut. This is because Under CT MV L. § 14-222, Connecticut has enacted a “per se” category; if you are driving 86 miles per hour or more anywhere in the state of Connecticut, you can be arrested for reckless driving: 

“The operation of a motor vehicle…at a rate of speed greater than eighty-five miles per hour shall constitute a violation of the provisions of this section.”Connecticut Motor Vehicle Law § 14-222; reckless driving.

The second way a person can be charged with reckless driving is if they operate a motor vehicle “recklessly” on a roadway with an established speed limit under CT MV L. § 14-218a, or a road of a chartered municipal association / district organized,  or in any parking area for ten cars or more. Ways of establishing recklessness written in the statute include operating so fast as to endanger life, or operating a commercial motor vehicle on a downgrade in neutral, or knowingly operating a motor vehicle with defective mechanism.

Proving reckless driving requires proof of the “mens rea,” or culpable mind


Black’s Law Dictionary defines recklessness as conduct which an unnecessary harmful consequence is foreseen and the actor consciously takes the risk, or when the actor does not care about the consequences of his or her actions. This is a subjective test, whereby the defendant must have had the ability to know the surrounding circumstances in order to be found guilty of recklessness driving.

If you are charged with reckless driving, the state must not only prove the act but has the added burden of proving culpability in that the defendant had a guilty mind. While this is not easy to do, a culpable mind can be proven by inference through conduct.

Beating the reckless driving charge


At its best, a charge of reckless driving rests on the opinion of the police officer. At trial we bring out specifics of what our client was doing safely and correctly. Indeed, unless charged with driving in excess of 85 miles per hour, no one or series of driving infractions rises to the level of recklessness in and of itself. In other words, a momentary lapse in judgment is not reckless. Also, there has to have been a 3rd person in the vicinity who could have been injured to sustain the charge of reckless driving. When charged with doing over 85 MPH, we can attack the veracity of the radar and the police officer’s visual estimation. We can also attempt to negotiate a plea to a simple infraction in lieu of taking the case to trial, where conviction is always a possibility.

Administrative and punitive penalties for reckless driving are severe

Being found guilty of reckless driving is a major insurance merit system violation. This means that your insurance will increase greatly. If you drive for a living or hold a CDL, it can be suspended and your employer may also discharge you from your employment. A conviction can also result in a 30 day jail sentence and court fines, surcharges, and costs. Don’t go it alone, call us today toll free for a no cost, no obligation phone consultation.

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