CT DMV Points vs Ins Merit System
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Connecticut DMV Points vs. Insurance Merit System Points


The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles misleads motorists when it advises on the ticket that a plea of guilty avoids an accrual of “points” to their CT license.  While true, it is not the Connecticut DMV points that are the main concern, but the insurance company’s merit system points. Accumulation of merit system points cause the insurance increase, not whatever the CT DMV accrues points to your license. Further, even if you do not reside in CT your home state insurance company will find out about the Connecticut moving violation / speeding conviction and increase your insurance for 3 years. Also, many states such as California, Illinois and New Jersey do add points to your home state’s license for Connecticut convictions, which could cause other fines, assessments, and potential suspensions in and of your home state’s license.

Insurance Merit System Points

Each insurance company has its own proprietary algorithm for its internal merit point system for their actuarial insurance rates charged to you. Consistent among all insurance carriers is that they all have what they consider “major” and “minor” merit system violations, things having nothing to do with traffic violations such as accidents are merit system violations, and things that may not even accrue CT DMV points such as aggravated unlicensed operation are still insurance merit system points.

It is important to fight a Connecticut speeding ticket or moving violation not to defeat the DMV points but to avoid an insurance merit point system violation. When considering the real cost of a CT speeding ticket conviction (a 3 year insurance hike), our service is cost effective and saves you money. In addition, when you retain out Connecticut traffic court defense lawyers we also go to court for you so that you do not have to.

Connecticut DMV Point Assessment System and Schedule

Connecticut Motor Vehicle Laws § 14-137a-5 contains the point assessment schedule. Under the schedule, points assessed against a Connecticut driving record are as follows:

One point for:

CT MV L. § 14-218a:             Operating at unreasonable rate of speed

CT MV L. § 14-219:               Speeding

CT MV L. § 14-230:               Failure to drive in right-hand lane

CT MV L. § 14-230a:             Illegal use of limited access highway by certain vehicles

CT MV L. § 14-236:               Improper operation on multiple-lane highways

CT MV L. § 14-237:               Improper operation on divided highway

CT MV L. § 14-239:               Wrong direction at rotary or one-way street

CT MV L. § 14-242:               Improper turn, illegal turn, illegal stopping, fail to signal turn

CT MV L. § 14-243:               Improper backing or starting

CT MV L. § 14-244:               Failure to give proper signal

CT MV L. § 14-277:               Operator’s duties on stopping a school bus

CT MV L. § 14-289b:             Operation of motorcycles abreast, illegal passing

CT MV L. § 14-303:               Wrong way on one-way street

Two points for:

CT MV L. § 14-220:               Slow speed, impeding traffic

CT MV L. § 14-223(a):           Disobeying orders of officer

CT MV L. § 14-238:               Entering or leaving controlled access / limited access highway at other than designated entrance, exit, intersection or point

CT MV L. § 14-241:               Turning from wrong lane or contrary to traffic control devices

CT MV L. § 14-249:               Failure to obey signal at railroad crossing

CT MV L. § 14-250:               Failure to stop at railroad crossing by certain vehicles

CT MV L. § 14-298:               Failure to observe parkway or expressway restrictions

CT MV L. § 14-299:               Failure to obey traffic control signal light

CT MV L. § 14-301:               Failure to obey stop sign

CT MV L. § 14-302:               Failure to obey yield sign

CT MV L. § 14-304:               Operating a vehicle through pedestrian safety zone

Three points for:

CT MV L. § 14-227a(b):         Driving while impaired

CT MV L. § 14-231:               Failure to keep to right when meeting opposing traffic

CT MV L. § 14-232:               Improper passing or failure to yield to passing vehicle

CT MV L. § 14-233:               Passing on right

CT MV L. § 14-234:               Passing in no passing zone

CT MV L. § 14-235:               Fail to keep to right on curve, grade, approaching intersection

CT MV L. § 14-240:               Failure to drive reasonable distance apart

CT MV L. § 14-245:               Failure to grant right of way at intersection

CT MV L. § 14-246a:             Failure to grant right of way at junction of highways

CT MV L. § 14-247:               Failure to yield when emerging from driveway or private road

(CT MV L. § 14-247a:            Failure to grant right of way when emerging from driveway

CT MV L. § 14-283:               Fail to grant right of way to ambulance, police or fire apparatus

CT MV L. § 14-300:               Failure to grant right of way to pedestrian

Four points for:

CT MV L. § 14-224(c):           Wagering, speed record

CT MV L. § 14-240a:             Failure to drive reasonable distance apart, intent to harass

CT MV L. § 14-279:               Passing stopped school bus

Five points for:

CT MV L. § 14-281a:             Operation of school bus at excessive speed

CT MV L. § 14-222a:             Negligent homicide with a motor vehicle

Suspensions for Accumulation of Points

Points only accrue to a driving record upon conviction after a trial, not upon the issuance of a ticket and not upon a negotiated plea to a lesser charge. Under CT MV L. § 14-137a-6 points remain on a Connecticut driving record for 24 months. Under  CT MV L. § 14-137a-8 once a 24 month point accrual exceeds 10 the Connecticut driver’s license or privileges shall be suspended. Under CT MV L. § 14-137a-7 a warning letter is mailed when the motorist accrues 6 or more points within a 24 month period. In addition, the licensee is entitled to a hearing pre-suspension on the issue of identity of the licensee and confirming that the licensee in fact accrued more than 10 points in a two year period.

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