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New Haven, CT Traffic Ticket Attorney

Preventing and Reversing Connecticut
Driver Re-Training &License Suspensions

Don’t let them order you to driver re-training! Don’t let them suspend your license! Don’t let them raise your insurance rates! If you received something in the mail from the CT DMV regarding suspensions or driver re-training don’t do anything before calling is – we can help!

Often times Connecticut motorists plead guilty to speeding and other traffic moving violations and crimes without realizing that, due to the totality of their driving history, the entry of the guilty plea triggers an automatic license suspension or at a minimum driver retraining. Connecticut Motor Vehicle Statute MV 14-111g(a) controls when a Connecticut license gets suspended or a motorist must take driver re-training. Particularly vulnerable drivers 24 years of age or younger, commercial drivers, those convicted of speeding in a work zone, and those convicted after they have already completed driver retraining to avoid a license suspension.

If you have received a notice for driver re-training or license suspension, we can help!

If you are like most people you landed here because you received a nasty gram in the mail from the CT DMV advising you of either having to obtain driver re-training or a mandatory license suspension because you entered a guilty plea to a ticket and, because of other recent convictions this latest conviction triggered this action. If this describes your situation then this is your lucky day you have found the right place to get help.

There are 3 individual interests that need to be protected and are involved when you receive a traffic ticket – your judicial interests, your insurance interests, and your administrative interests. Upon a finding of guilty to a Connecticut speeding ticket or other moving violation, all three interests are affected. Paying the fine after pleading guilty just satiates judicial interest. Your insurance company raising your insurance rates satiates your insurance interests, and the Connecticut DMV taking further punitive and remedial actions against your privileges to drive satiates the administrative interests.

Our Connecticut traffic court lawyers can reverse the conviction and in doing so take you out of the category of being suspended or having to attend driving school

Never let them order you to driver training, take your license away, or increase your insurance! Reversing the conviction that caused the problem is the better way to go!

Had you never plead guilty to what it was that triggered the suspension or driving school requirements, you would not be in the position you are in today. Getting the ticket is not the problem, being found guilty of it is. As a consequence, if you get the conviction reversed it comes off of your driving record and the CT DMV cannot suspend your license or order driving school. In addition, your insurance carrier also cannot surcharge you.

We can do this by bringing a Coram Nobis proceeding to vacate your previously entered plea of guilty. This is a special action commenced before court which has jurisdiction to hear your case to vacate, or reverse, your previously entered plea of “guilty.” Then, we immediately plead you guilty to a non-moving violation that does not cause your license to be suspended, that does not trigger driving school, and that does not allow your insurance company to surcharge you insurance premiums. While you still pay a fine, we keep you on the road and your insurance premiums low. 

Don’t let them take your driver’s license away and increase your insurance!

You’ve already made the mistake of blindly pleading guilty thinking this would go away. It didn’t. Nor will it by ignoring the notice you received or complying with it. Your best bet is to reverse the conviction that caused the DMV punishments and penalties. Contact our Connecticut Lawyers today if you have received any speeding tickets, traffic tickets, moving violations, or notices from the CT DMV. The phone consultation is always free!


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