Fighting a New Jersey Speeding Ticket
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New Jersey Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney

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A New Jersey speeding ticket conviction has serious consequences for the motorist. Our office can explain your options and the consequences you might face. It is our goal to work to get your charges reduced to a no-point violation or be dismissed altogether.

Most drivers worry about the points, as they should. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission accrues points to your license upon a NJ speeding ticket conviction. People often ask our New Jersey traffic court attorneys if they can plead guilty to the NJ speeding ticket but yet have the points waived. This is an impossibility, as the points accrue to the conviction.  Points accrued to a license because of a speeding conviction can cause 2 things: (1) an insurance increase, and (2) a license suspension.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulation Law § 39:4-98 contains the speeding provision. The points for a speeding conviction are as follows:

  • NJSA § 39:4-98 Exceeding maximum speed by 1 to 14 mph over limit is 2 points
  • NJSA § 39:4-98 Exceeding maximum speed by 15 to 29 mph over limit is 4 points
  • NJSA § 39:4-98 Exceeding maximum speed by 30 or more mph over limit is 5 points

In New Jersey, accruing 12 or more points in any given 12 month period results in an automatic license suspension.  Points fall off of your license 12 months from the date of conviction, however only if you do not accrue more points. Further, a driving record is reviewed every time points are added to it. Accumulation of 6 six or more points within three years from your violation results in a $150 Surcharge plus $25 for each additional point. Points based Surcharge results in a Surcharge for three years. These are fines assessed directly by the NJ DMV in addition to the court fines and surcharges.

Convenience, Competence, Ease of Service

Our New Jersey speeding ticket traffic court ticket defense service is unlike any in the State of New Jersey. Our NJ traffic court attorneys and lawyers guarantee hassle free and convenient representation in defense of your New Jersey speeding ticket. We are not a regional firm but service clients statewide to defend your NJ speeding ticket charge. Our office routinely appears in New Jersey traffic courts in Middlesex, Union, Essex, Mercer, Monmouth, Somerset, Ocean, Hunterdon, Burlington, Morris, Sussex, Hudson, Passaic, Bergen and Warren Counties. In addition, we also appear in Camden, Atlantic, Gloucester, and Salem and Counties.

Our traffic court lawyers do everything for you without the need for you to take off time from work to go to NJ traffic court or come to our office. We simply e-mail you the retainer and an authorization form which you return to us signed along with the ticket and that is it – from that point on our NJ attorneys do everything for you to defend your Bergen County speeding ticket. If your ticket was written to a traffic court in Monmouth, Middlesex, Burlington or Ocean counties, New Jersey, the procedure is the same. We will defend your § 39:4-98 speeding ticket by you just signing the forms our NJ traffic court lawyers e-mail you and mail them back with the ticket and we take over from there.

If you have received a NJ speeding ticket don’t delay. Failing to enter a plea of “not guilty” by the return date will result in your NJ driver’s license or privileges being suspended. Moreover, unlike most states, the State of New Jersey routinely issues arrest warrants for failing to enter a “not guilty” plea. If this has happened to you don’t panic! But do call us immediately. If you have a suspension and / or warrant for failing to appear or plea, we can get your privileges restored and the warrant recalled without the need for you to spend time in jail. If however, the police catch you for something else first, if you were driving you will be charged with operating under suspension, which is a crime, and if there is a warrant for your arrest you will be taken into custody.

The techniques we use to defend a New Jersey speeding ticket charge, NJSA § 39:4-98 

Often people ask ‘…but I was speeding, how can you defend the ticket…’ Our answer is simple. In defense of any NJ speeding ticket our goal is to always negotiate a plea that makes sense in your situation so that your insurance does not increase. This is called a “plea bargain.” In other words, it is entirely possible to plea bargain for a failure to drive right for 2 points, NJSA § 39:4-82, when you were charged with speeding NJSA § 39:4-98 76 in a 45 for 5 points. Often, we plea a New Jersey speeding ticket NJSA § 39:4-98 to a 0 point equipment violation or parking ticket.

However, when a proposed plea does not make sense we take the case to trial. Contrary to popular myth, it is not that easy to prove a speeding or the gradation of speed. In other words, you may be charged with speeding, 31 MPH over the speed limit, but after trial the prosecution could not prove that you were speeding exactly 16 MPH over the limit, so instead you were found guilty of traveling 10 MPH over the limit. The difference between 16 MPH and 10 MPH is the difference between a 4 point conviction and a 2 point conviction and can often be the difference between an insurance increase or not or a NJ license suspension or not.


At a NJ speeding ticket trial it is not simply the officer’s word & radar reading against yours. An officer cannot rely solely on the radar reading but must first give evidence of visual estimation. This area is ripe for cross examination, as a simple mathematical formula for calculating speed on cross examination once the NJ speeding ticket defense lawyer elicits testimony of the distance traveled while observed and the time elapsed.

Even if the officer gets over that hurdle, as a condition precedent to offering evidence of the radar reading the prosecutor must enter into evidence the radar’s calibration certificate. Getting this document into evidence turns on whether the prosecution can lay the proper foundation as to the business record’s exception to the hearsay rule.  The prosecution is often unable to do this, as the officer who wrote the ticket is not the proper officer to authenticate the calibration certificate.

If you have been given a speeding ticket and charged with speeding in New Jersey under NJSA § 39:4-98 by a New Jersey State Trooper, New Jersey County Sheriff, or a Township, City, or Borough police officer in the State of NJ, call us at once. We offer no cost, no obligation phone consultations.

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