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New Jersey Driver License Suspensions, Surcharges & Points



New Jersey Driver License Suspensions

There are numerous reasons why the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission would suspend your NJ driver’s license. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Receiving 12 or more points on your driving record within a 12 month period
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Failure to pay court fines or NJ MVC surcharges
  • Driving while under suspension
  • Failure to maintain automobile insurance / uninsured
  • Driving while under the influence or driving while intoxicated by drugs / alcohol
  • A reckless driving conviction
  • Abandoning a motor vehicle on a public highway

NJ Driver License Points, Suspensions, and Insurance Increases

By far the most common way of having your New Jersey driver’s license suspended is by accumulating too many points. In addition, points added to your NJ driving record accrue to your insurance company’s merit point system to increase insurance rates. Indeed, the most often cited reason for fighting a New Jersey traffic or speeding ticket is to avoid the point assessment that will follow with a conviction.

Below are the points that will accrue for a NJ moving violation conviction:

8 point violation

NJSA § 39:4-129:        Leaving the scene of personal injury accident

5 point violations

NJSA § 39:4-52:          Racing on highway

NJSA § 39:4-84:          Failure to pass to right of a vehicle coming the opposite way

NJSA § 39:4-89:          Tailgating / following too closely

NJSA § 39:4-96:          Reckless driving

NJSA § 39:4-98:          Speeding in excess of 30 MPH over the limit

NJSA § 39:4-128.1:     Improper passing of a school bus

NJSA § 39:5-C-1:       Racing on highway

4 point violations

NJSA § 27:23-29:        Improper passing

NJSA § 39:4-85:          Improper passing on right or off roadway

NJSA § 39:4-86:          Improper passing in no passing zones

NJSA § 39:4-98:          Speeding between 15 MPH and 30 MPH over the limit

NJSA § 39:4-97.2:       Driving in an unsafe manner if 3rd conviction in 5 years

NJSA § 39:4-128.4:     Improper passing of a frozen dessert truck

3 point violations

NJSA § 39:4-125:        Improper U-turn

NJSA § 39:3-20:          Operating a construction vehicle in excess of 45 MPH

NJSA § 39:4-115:        Improper turn at traffic light

NJSA § 39:4-123:        Improper turn right or left

NJSA § 39:4-124:        Improper turn from an approved turning course

2 point violations

NJSA § 39:4-35          Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian

NJSA § 39:4-36:          Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian

NJSA § 39:4-41:          Driving through safety zone

NJSA § 39:4-55:          Improper action / omission of grade / curves

NJSA § 39:4-57:          Failing to observe direction of an officer

NJSA § 39:4-66:          Failing to stop before crossing side walk

NJSA § 39:4-66.1:       Failing to yield to ped. / vehicle while entering / leaving highway

NJSA § 39:4-66.2:       Avoiding a traffic signal

NJSA § 39:4-71:          Operating on a side walk

NJSA § 39:4-80:          Failure to obey direction of an officer

NJSA § 39:4-81:          Failure to observe traffic signals

NJSA § 27:23-29:        Moving against traffic / unlawful use of median strip

NJSA § 27:23-29:        Moving against traffic

NJSA § 39:4-82.1:       Improper operating of a vehicle on a divided highway / divider

NJSA § 39:4-83:          Failure to keep right at intersection

NJSA § 39:4-85.1:       Wrong way / 1 way street

NJSA § 39:4-87:          Failure to yield to overtaking vehicle

NJSA § 39:4-88:          Failure to observe traffic lanes

NJSA § 39:4-90:          Failure to yield at an intersection

NJSA § 39:4-97:          Careless driving

NJSA § 39:4-97.1:       Slow speed blocking traffic

NJSA § 39:4-91-92:    Fail to yield to emergency vehicles

NJSA § 39:4-98:          Speeding, 1 – 14 MPH over limit

NJSA § 39:4-105:        Failure to stop for a traffic light

NJSA § 39:4-119:        Failure to stop for flashing red light

NJSA § 39:4-126:        Failure to signal

NJSA § 39:4-127:        Improper / unsafe backing / turning in a street

NJSA § 39:4-127.1:     Improper crossing of a railroad grade crossing

NJSA § 39:4-127.2:     Improper crossing of a bridge

NJSA § 39:4-128:        Improper crossing of a railroad grade crossing

NJSA § 39:4-129:        Leaving the scene of a property damage accident

NJSA § 39:4-144:        Failure to observe stop or yield sign

NJ Driver Assessment Surcharges

In addition to insurance increases, a New Jersey motorist should fight a charge of speeding, NJSA § 39:4-98 because upon a NJ licensed driver accruing 6 or more points to a New Jersey driving record within a 3 year period, the NJ DMV directly assesses a surcharge in addition to the speeding or traffic ticket fine. The base assessment is $150.00 for the first 6 points, and $25.00 for each additional point for a period of 3 years.

In addition to point surcharges, the following also results in assessed surcharges for a 3 year period:

  • $100.00 for driving w/out a license & failure to insure a moped
  • $250.00 for driving with a suspended license & operating an uninsured vehicle
  • $1,000.00 for a first time DWI / DUI & for refusal to take a breathalyzer
  • $1,500 for a 3rd DWI / DUI w/ in 3 years of first offense

If you have been charged in NJ with a speeding violation, traffic infraction, moving violation, driving under the influence, DWI / DUI, driving without a license or insurance, driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, or any violation that would cause a New Jersey auto insurance increase, New Jersey license suspension, or a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission surcharge, do not send it into the court with a plea of guilty. Contact our office at once and take advantage of our no cost, no obligation free phone consultation.

Attack That Ticket New Jersey

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