Marijuana Defense Attorneys

In New York City, under Penal Law §221.05, it is an infraction to possess less than 25 grams of marijuana. This includes actual marijuana, stems, seeds, joints, and residue in a pipe or bong. This is called Unauthorized Possession of Marijuana, or “UPM.”

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Were you charged in New York City with Unauthorized Possession of Marijuana (UPM) because you were in a public park smoking marijuana or rolling a joint? Our lawyer and attorneys can defend those tickets and arrests as well. Motorists are often charged after a motor vehicle stop for a traffic infraction and marijuana is found. 

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Our NYC UPM attorneys appear in all boroughs of NYC, including Bronx, Richmond County (Staten Island), Kings County (Brooklyn), New York County (Manhattan) and Queens.

When marijuana is found in a vehicle you are in, you can be charged with NYCUPM even if the marijuana was not in your pocket. It could have been in the vehicle’s ashtray or in another public area of the vehicle’s passenger compartment. 

If you are not the driver of the vehicle you have absolute defenses when marijuana is found in the car! 

If you are the driver of the vehicle you also have defenses when marijuana is found in the car!

The standard of review as to possession of marijuana for a NYC UPM is whether the marijuana was “reachable” or “grabbable” by you. However, this is a technical defense that our marijuana defense lawyers can assert for you.

Do not plead guilty to a NYC UPM! It creates a permanent criminal record which you may have to disclose to employers and on student loan applications. Plus, a conviction is a public record so it is discoverable on a criminal history check.

Fighting the NYC UPM

When you hire our NYC UPM defense lawyers and attorneys, you get a law firm that practices exclusively ticketable offenses THROUGHOUT the City of New York. We go to all boroughs and all criminal courts of NYC to fight your UPM charge.

There are a lot of nuances which are present when the charge is filed on a ticket rather than a custodial arrest, and you want an expert who knows how to prepare a case and find all of the weaknesses in the paperwork. This gives you the most leverage to get your UPM case dismissed.   

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One way we can get your NYC UPM case dismissed is by adjudication contemplating dismissal, commonly known as an “ACD.” However, there are very specific procedural hurdles you must jump. Our New York marijuana defense lawyers know those hurdles like the back of our hand. This skill, knowledge, and professionalism give you the best chance of having your UPM charge dismissed!

We have represented and will represent first time and repeat offenders charged with UPM.  We have successfully appeared in all courts in NYC to defend UPM charges. Often times we can get our clients personal appearance waived.

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